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16 apr

Alo Sweden is currently recruiting

Read more  here or visit our Swedish recruitment page for more information.
03 apr

Alo Denmark is currently recruiting

Visit our Danish website for more information.
03 apr

Alo at the Techagro fair

This year's Techagro fair was a great success for Alo. Hopefully you got the chance to visit us and see our product news like the durable and ergonomic Trima Versa-X loader for tractors up to 120 hp. If not, read more here.
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High tip bucket_puff_131107.png

Ålö introduces the new High tip bucket

As leading front loader and implement manufacturer, Ålö is introducing an entirely new range of high tip buckets. The new High tip bucket is a boost for productivity, operational reliability and the working environment.
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LCS - Ultimate front loader control

The loader Control System, introduces a breakthrough in the area of front loader control.
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Klaffskopa 0945_220x120px.jpg

The new effective Snow Clearing Bucket

Ålö is now introducing a flapped bucket specially designed for agricultural tractors.
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Words are just not enough

Visit our Youtube channel and find videos of loaders, implements and other features.

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