Welcome to a New World Leader

Today, we at Ålö are the world leading manufacturer of front end loaders with associated equipment. Our company has more than 25 percent of the world market in the segment of agricultural tractors with engines stronger than 50 hp.

Our front end loaders are manufactured and sold under two brand names, Quicke and Trima, and both are associated with the highest quality.

About 90 percent of our total production is exported. Today we are represented in more than 40 countries, and we have a leading position in more than 15 of those.

Ålö’s founder, Karl-Ragnar Åström, may well have been sadly contemplating the horses on the farm as he stepped into the blacksmith’s workshop and began sketching his own front loader. One year later, his sketches had been transformed into reality to become the first Swedish front loader.

Production started 1946


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