LCS – Ultimate front loader control


With the Loader Control System, Ålö takes a new, giant leap forward in maximising the use of farm tractors. The LCS combines several major technical achievements into one concurrent system that gives the user a new level of control, usability, effectiveness and safety.  

The core technical components of the LCS are:

  • A dedicated front loader valve programme
  • An exclusively designed flat face multi-coupling
  • A unique thumb-steered electronic joystick


A new valve

The dedicated front loader valve programme (an industry first!) are designed and optimized especially for the needs and functions of a front loader. The flow optimization for each loader function gives the driver an unprecedented feel and control over his work, even when working with maximum loads.

The dedicated valve also enables consistent power and control throughout the work since it does not affect the tractors subsequent hydraulics. The tailor made valve design furthermore means more energy-effective, fuel reducing operations.


The new multi-coupling

A uniquely designed flat face quick coupling saves both time and the environment. Spill-free separate or multi-couplings with swivelled hoses turns connecting both hydraulics and electronics into one single easy-handled operation.

The construction enables safe, pressure-less coupling and easy cleaning and maintenance.


The new joystick

A new, thumb-steered electronic joystick further enhances the driving characteristics and ergonomics. It gives the driver more control with less effort, and thus minimizes the strain with working long hours.

The joystick is mounted on a flexible arm, which further improves the manoeuvrability since movements from driving on uneven ground will not transmit to the joystick control. Included on the new joystick, is a large screen with an easy to use menu system for quick access and function overview.

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